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How To Lease A Car Familiarize Yourself With Leasing Basically, car leasing is more of like a car rental, but you’ll just have to use it a lot longer and with additional fees. Leasing is more preferable for many people than buying because most people would prefer driving the car for less money than buying it with huge money involved before they can drive it. Customize Lease Deal
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It would be best if you lease your car for no longer than three years just so you can ensure that you’ll still be protected by the standard bumper-to-bumper warranty which will end in three years. There are people who may be tempted to extend their leases for up to five years so that they can reduce their lease payment per month. But this only means that your money will be invested in a vehicle that is not going to be yours and worse, you’re going to need costly repairs later.
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It would be wise to ask your insurance agent if you can get a coverage quote. Lease companies will definitely require huge coverage for cars to be leased compared to cars for sale. Get a Good Idea of Your Monthly Lease Payment It is always a good idea that you get a good estimate for your possible lease payment so that you will be able to point out good deals as you go on shopping. You might find the formula to be complicated, but with patience, you can possibly calculate the lease payment that you’ll have to pay. You can actually find lease calculator from the internet and use it to generate a payment as you adjust the parameters needed such as mileage and down payment. Look For Lease Deals From Manufacturers There are times when carmakers would offer lease specials that are highly discounted. You should also check whether or not the stated monthly payment already includes the sales taxes and other fees and if you still need to pay up for high drive-off fees, which is the same as making down payments when buying a car. Find The Car You Really Want To Lease You should specify the year, make and model of the car you wish to lease and ask to see a complete list of available cars of your preference so that you’ll have better choices to select from. If you already found a car that interests you, you should contact your dealer in order for you to make sure that it is still available for lease. If there are a lot of other dealerships out there that offers the same car, then you definitely are in a far better position to negotiate with regards to a better lease payment.